Crypto Market Cap Breaks New All-Time High Above $3 Trillion

The Crypto market cap breaks new all-time high above $3 trillion according to the latest measurements that we have in our cryptocurrency news.

The positive market momentum during Monday Morning’s Asian trading sessions resulted in a 3.1% rise for the crypto market cap. According to CoinGecko, the crypto market cap breaks a new all-time high of $3 trillion at the time of writing. The total market cap increased 8.4% over the past week and 25.5% over the past 30 days so, since the start of 2021, it surged to a whopping 284% from $775 billion at the start of the year.

The crypto markets are now larger than the world’s biggest company by market cap which is Microsoft and has $2.5 trillion according to the latest data. It is about a quarter the size of the gold market cap that now stands at $11.5 trillion as per the market cap trackers. Bitcoin made 6.9% on the day and has a market cap of $1.12 trillion and a market share of 41.3% which is about the same size as Tesla but a little smaller than the Silver market cap that is about $1.36 trillion. Ethereum had a $560 billion cap and it is now larger than JPMorgan Chase as well which hit $496 billion. The third biggest crypto by market cap is the Binance coin that has a $107 billion market cap. CoinGecko is reporting a 24-hour volume of $138 billion which is the same as the total market cap back in 2019.

Ripple’s XRP is the top ten’s mover with a 9.8% gain which propelled the token to $1.27 but was then knocked down the charts and now sits below Cardano as the seventh token. Avalanche is also moving on the day as it increased by 13% and hit a $95 price range which is also a new all-time high.

As recently reported, DOGe, Terra, and Ripple are also in the green while Avalanche was the biggest gainer from yesterday, also setting a new record above $85. Binance coin performed well in the past few days and marked another 8% increase later on which gave a boost to the coin to $670 which is the highest price level since mid-May. The asset is a few inches away from marking a new ATH of its own while the market cap is rising well above $100 billion.

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